World Radio Day and Diversity

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World Radio Day and Diversity

13 de fevereiro de 2020 News 0

Proposed by UNESCO and Spanish Radio Academy, World Radio Day, February 13th, aims to spread the message of more democracy and pluralism in Radio. This year, the theme chosen by UNESCO is Diversity.

Radio remains the most widely consumed medium worldwide and has many capabilities, including being able to help reducing world’s inequality and inequity, once it can integrate people from diverse backgrounds, gender orientations and sexualities.

Radio can also represent all men, women and children, when broadcaster chose the right types of language, programmes and ways of broadcasting. Nowadays, technology brings even more possibilities, DAB/DAB+, online streaming, satellite radio and the spread of low-costs technologies have broaden the access to cost-effective methods of transmitting and broadcasting programmes. Similarly, podcasts have opened the door to new ways of producing and consuming audio content thus, increasing access to information and the variety of programmes available. 

In all this scenario, UNESCO makes available every year a Celebration KIT for everyone who wants to spread the message. The theme, Diversity, is divided into three main sub-themes: 

  • Advocating for pluralism in radio, including a mix of public, private and community broadcasters;
  • Encouraging representation in the newsroom, with teams comprised of diverse society groups;
  • Promoting a diversity of editorial content and programme types reflecting the variety of the audiences.

If you want to access the Celebration KIT click here:


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