Gradium and TDC Porto Alegre

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Gradium and TDC Porto Alegre

21 de janeiro de 2020 Article Events 0

Gradium supports the diversity and plurality of ideas. This is one of the reasons why we are so close to The Developer’s Conference, an event “from people to people”. People that have conversations, that are open and are thirsty for knowledge.

As usual, Gradium was present at all the event’s days. Gradium is responsible for the communication of TDC, so we were together with the team, not only working with digital communication, but also actively interacting and contributing with logistics, communication and integration of the participants. The spaces were really well determined. The sponsors and and TDC +Diversity were at the mais saloon, where also was the “Hall of Fame” of the University, exposed in hanged banners: many important personalities for world’s scientific and technological development. You could see from Elon Musk to Nicolelis and Celso Grebogi.

The content of the banners in some way formed a bigger meaning when combined with TDC +Diversity, right below them. The space was created to gather people and also take professional pictures of the participants. Above, in the banners, mainly white men, the traditional protagonists of history. That was almost a metaphor, intentional or not, for the beginning of a changing chapter. Who knows? One of these people, who were taking pictures with the LGBT flag, also women and people with disabilities that talked and shared the space taking some coffee could be the next one represented in one of those banners. That’s what Gradium and TDC stand for.

In the sponsor stands’ area, a big metal structure figuring flags of many countries. Right below, Work in Estonia’s stand, where the participants could see the Baltic Country’s landscapes using virtual reality and talk in English with the organization’s staff. Gradium talked with them, also with all other sponsors and with some participants, going beyond the staff’s room, from where it worked on the digital communication and supporting the event’s organization. To Gradium, the immersion into the event is important, because it can help to globalized the communication, with knowledge and confidence. Besides that, our work is to promote conversations, so being present in the discussions and knowing what is happening in the present moment is fundamental. 

In TDC Porto Alegre, conversations were present all the time. In a cozy environment, even the shyest were comfortable to open up and talk. In TDC, it’s not a problem to say “hi” to a stranger, even for the gaucho people, known for being introverted. At the same time, not only gauchos were present at the event: people from whole Brazil brought more diversity and richness to TDC Porto Alegre, while enjoying the capital of Rio Grande do Sul.

Gradium was also present at the main stage and coordinating Tracks. We made announcements, did prize draws and interacted with the crowd. Besides that, our sales representative, Marcos Morandi, worked as the host at the main stage and during the breaks he also sang in his duo Projeto Alternativo. Between one song and another, the participants could learn about subjects from Kubernetes to Artificial Intelligence, Business Management and Customer success.

The strong immersion of Gradium in the event’s environment, attention that we make a point of giving all our clients, makes our work unique and help us to build a personalized and global communication, showing that we know what we are talking about. It’s also important that our values align with the ones of our clients, one of the actions that brought to light that connection this year was the manifest that we made about TDC Inspire, one of the programs in the event that brings students from public schools to an experience of immersion in the technology world. The goal is to bring up a new perspective about working on the technology field, which should be considered as an option for the future of all young people. Besides that, we want to bring more diversity to the technology ecosystem in Brazil, which also needs more specialized professionals.  

Gradium and TDC Porto AlegreAll that work on different areas was considered by The Developer’s Conference when recognizing us with the Rockstar prize of this edition, given to companies and individuals that stand out in their fields and in their presence in the event.


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