The Importance of continuous communication

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The Importance of continuous communication

6 de janeiro de 2020 Article 0

Once upon a time there was a really clumsy person, specially when she was a kid. She thought she would always be like that, that it wasn’t really her fault, it was just the way she was. But every single time she spilled a drink, lost something or broke something her father insisted “pay attention to what you’re doing”. And he did that for years and years, every single time she had a clumsy behavior. Today, she still has some attention problems but every single time she’s about to pour a drink, pick up something fragile or do anything that requires coordination she becomes really careful and sometimes even remember her father repeating “be careful” over and over.

And that short simple story, which is real, shows the power of repetition. If you see or hear something a lot of times it gets stuck in your head and you get familiar with it. That applies for almost everything. When you get into a new job everything is different and sometimes scary: you don’t really know how to behave and everyone is a stranger, but with time you understand how things work there. The more time you spend there and the more frequently you are in contact with your coworkers the faster you feel at home and build relationships.

Now think about your Company’s Facebook page. How often do you post there? How relevant is it for your community? If they see your posts once a month will they feel familiar to your brand? Will they feel comfortable to talk openly to someone who is a far away acquaintance for them? 

What if they see you every day? They’ll be able to get to know you and all the amazing content you can bring to them. They’ll remember you when they see something related to your brand, because you feel really close. You are always there on their newsfeed and they can count on you to bring some relevant and new content to their lives. You’ll also be able to understand them way better and specialize really quickly on making the best content for your community or even the products that can attend their needs the best!

Continuous communication is the key to be remembered and add value to your brand. On the beginning you can be like the person you see everyday waiting for the bus at the same time as you or the neighbor you say “hi” in the elevator pretty often. If you are on your customer’s day to day life you’re being remembered. If you start and continue the conversation the right way you can conquer your customer’s sympathy, trust and empathy, so when you invite them to get to know your products they’ll be a lot more opened and willing to share the good experience they had with you. 


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