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We have been on the market for over 8 years bringing innovation and gathering communities. We work with strategic planning of Digital Communication and building Companies’ Digital Presence.

It’s fundamental to understand how communities are built around a common interest and how they interact inside that space. On the present moment of the Digital Era it’s not enough to just find an audience and offer campaigns to sell products and services. Now it’s the moment to make conversation happen!

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Is not possible anymore to not be connected in the world we live in. Any company, organization, product, brand or idea is connected with a community, and there’s a constant exchange of interaction. If you don’t get in control of your community it can easily get in control of you.

Let’s doing your communication in ubiquitous?

Your organization is responsible for every impact of your communication. That’s why you always have to be keeping a close watch of what is happening in your communities, and any mistakes must be fixed really quickly.

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Estrategy and

With Design and Gamification techniques, Gradium built, with Unicred Credit Cooperative, it’s own “Innovation Group”, which analises and develops products, from the problem to the MVP.


Design Sprint
Design Thinking
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Community Building

Working with the APIs’ platform of Elo, the third biggest payments technology company in Brazil, we developed content, organized events and created channels. With that, we were able to build a network of more than 3 thousand developers from all parts of the country interacting about APIs. Besides that, Elo develops internal communities of knowledge, expanding and enabling innovation starting from inside with the support of Communication Design.


Events Strategy
Community asset mapping
Creation and management of channels
Creation of segmented content
Event Coverage
Digital Branding
Building Meetups
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Digital Channels

The Developers Conference is one of the world’s biggest events of technology communities. The conference also made a confident decision of focusing 100% in organic content directed to it’s community. Gradium has been in charge of TDC’s communication since 2017.


Strategic Communication Design
Graphic Design
Creation and management of channels
Creation of segmented content
Digital Branding
Supervising and interacting with people in the channels
Direct attendance through channels
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Branding Digital

With State’s Museum of Coal (Museu Estadual do Carvão) Gradium had the mission to value culture and rescue the role of a museum within it’s community. We were able to reconnect the region’s community (residents of the city where the museum is located) to it’s history using Professor Carvalho, a fictional character (a professor and arqueologist like “Indiana Jones”) created specially for the project.


Strategic Communication Design
Graphic Design
Creation and management of channels
Creation of segmented content
Digital Branding
Supervising and interacting with people in the channels
Direct attendance through channels
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Tech Trip

Travelling to Silicon Valley

A project that covered two trips to Silicon Valley (and TechCrunch), visiting startups, big players and local technology communities with the purpose of learning about the culture and entrepreneurial environment in a worldwide famous innovation source. We not only planned the trip and organized the content that it generated, but also we created a digital content hub, with videos, articles and photos, giving a complete vision of all the process and impact generated by it’s execution.

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Happy Hour Intel

Gamification in a Happy Hour

Intel wanted to connect all it’s technology communities, but the company realized that, in other events, the participants usually formed their own groups so they didn’t interact fully with different communities. With this problem in mind, we worked with Gamification creating a card game. The cards were given randomly to participants leading them to interactions that could bring benefits. That way it was possible to increase interaction and keep the brand in highlight for the whole event.

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Understand the development cycle of Communication Design!

The cicle of Communication Design has a target to growth the influences and scale of organization values in the interest community’s connected with your businness. That posicion of your brand to building a interchange’s enviroment of ideas, knowledge and inovation.

As the chart shows, Communication Design focus on community’s data, references and relations status. We work and developing a strategic map of communictaion. With that, we target build a assertive speech to use in digital channels. This speech not have only the function of spread the “voice” of organization, but also to reinforce in your inner community (employees, c-levels, partners and others) the necessity and value of the digital transformation.

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